New Blog!

Hi and welcome to the first post of my new blog! I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts, although this will be the only one where nothing forensic/investigative will be posted.

I’ve worked in Digital Forensics/Investigations for a number of years and over this time I’ve created new tools and encountered some weird and unusual problems. With the tools, I’ve mostly distributed them to others that I know within the field, but feel like I should make a larger number of them available to the community as a whole.

This blog came around as in my office its become quite common to “ask clees” when there’s an issue that nobody else seems to have any idea of how to fix. Usually when this happens, I get the person involved to do a little write up of how we fixed it and send it round the office so that everyone can deal with the issue if they should get it (or a similar one).

After solving one problem, a colleague suggested that I should create a blog and post write-ups to forensic problems and that it would allow me to be even easier to point people to any previous work that had been done by pointing to this blog!

So hopefully it won’t be long before the first actual forensic post is up and running, until then enjoy the rest of the site!

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