Decrypting Mega’s megaprefences Sqlite Database

It seems like almost and age since I last published anything on here, I’d like to say its due to a global pandemic causing issues, but mostly its just due to amount of work and a lack of interesting problems to solve for a little while. Luckily this all changed yesterday…… Background One of myContinue reading “Decrypting Mega’s megaprefences Sqlite Database”

Timelining using SQLite Write Ahead Logs

Todays question is: Can we tell when records have been deleted from an SQLite database? TL;DR – We can provide some time and date information in very particular circumstances using the WAL log file. It can be very time consuming! Quick warning – This article will assume some knowledge of SQLite databases. I will probablyContinue reading “Timelining using SQLite Write Ahead Logs”